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Goals are your golden keys to success!

“Effective goal-setting is the most necessary skill of all.”

“You have to take life as it happens, but you should try to make it happen the way you wish to take it. In essence, you must know what you want to happen; you must have goals.

Every moment that you’re playing the great game of living to the fullest, you’re charging toward an understanding of your best potential, of what your finest destiny is.[Allowing ourselves to bury our lives in apathy is the greatest crime – and we commit it by not committing to goals that are real to us.”

“Goal-setting” according to Rene’e Harmon, “needs planning and planting.” Effective planning covers different time spans.

Set your over-all main goal, then break this goal into smaller segments or subgoals. You may break them down into medium-range subgoals and short-range subgoals.

Consider yourself a corporation; plan years, months, and weeks ahead, the same way corporations do, tack them down on the wall next to your mirror, and make them a steady reminder of your progress toward success.”

“There is simply great power in setting goals for ourselves,” someone wrote. “When we set a concrete objective and determine a definite road map for getting there, it can be transformational.”

Ari Kiev, the author of “A Strategy For Living,” mentioned that goals as very powerful motivators and that identifying and pursuing personal goals is an effective strategy for daily living.

“Simply setting priorities is the key that opens the door to effective use of time,” according to Dr. Robert Anthony, author of the Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence.

“Get into the habit of writing down each night, before retiring, the six most important things you want to do the next day. After you list these, put them in their order of priority. As you get those things done, you will be filled with a great sense of accomplishment. Each project you complete will make the next seem easier. And success will follow success.”

In goal setting, you consider the time element. Some goals need a shorter period of fulfillment while some require a longer period of planning, revising, modifying, or even eliminating it, so it will be replaced by something practical or realistic, noble or more worthwhile.

Share you goals, your dreams to people who will support or put you in high regard, not to anybody who will be threatened by your success.

Although goal-setting needs a comprehensive approach, yet, you should always remember to have focus on what’s important to you. There’s a need to prioritize! Just don’t forget your main goal which, once realized, could open your life to more horizons.

You must think that it can be done. Believe that it’s possible! Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Think of the possibility.

Think positive.

Setting daily goals is the more tiresome thing to do. This is may be the consequence of the goal approach. What I do is to think of my goals for the day during my meditation – prayer time in the morning and in the evening. Think God, then, think of your goals for the day.

“Don’t be afraid to get tough with yourself, it may be your last chance.”

“Man could accomplish any goal if he is willing to pay the price.”

A very practical advice:

“It seems an irrevocable part of human nature,” according to Dennis Waitley, author of ‘The Double Win’, “that we work harder toward our goals as our deadlines approach. A goal is not a goal unless it has a deadline.”

“And here is another little tip,” said the author, “often it’s not enough to put deadlines on your goals. You need to put deadlines on your deadlines. Plan out your progress and place time limits on the stages within your goal attainment. For example, “I’ll write my book by May 1” is not enough. It should be that “Section 1, comprised of the first two chapters will be finished by January 15. I’ll allot one week to rewriting and proofing; then begin Section 2, which should be completed by March 25…And so on and so on as you shoot for the final goal of manuscript complete by May 1.”

Here’s the trill of it: “if you want to get out of the rut of boredom and complacency, then you must make your goal exciting and worthwhile. One of the best ways to do this is to visualize all the benefits you’re going to gain when you realize your goal.”

“Put all your eggs in one basket”, said Andrew Carnegie, “then watch that basket.” Concentrate only on one purpose at a time and you can become highly successful.

Like what Chris Prentiss declared that “once you have emerged the concept of this Philosophy into your mind, YOUR ROAD TO SUCCESS WILL ACTUALLY BE YOUR ROAD OF SUCCESS.

Having all the knowledge that you will reach your goal means you are already a success.

All who come in contact with you experience the successful person you are. Goals are then achieved quickly and advances come rapidly.

When a seeming setback comes, you will look at it as one of the necessary occurrences on the way to your successful goal, part of the success rather than the unfortunate mishap it appears to be.

When you fully realize that your goal is attained once you have committed yourself to achieving it, then what becomes most important is the path to your goal – that’s where life unfolds in its moment-by-moment wonderment.”

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