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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Define Your Success

What is Success?

What is it to you???

Webster defined success as
“the satisfaction of a goal thought for.”

“Success should give you the gift of satisfaction
and that certain zest for life that makes you look forward to each new day because there are so many things for you to enjoy, to do and to experience. Your adrenaline has to run. The pivot point is finding out what will motivate your own unique personality. Getting touch with your true self must be your first priority!”

My favorite definition is that of Pat Robertson
who said that success is “a progressive achievement of worthwhile goals. The secret is in progression: That with every level of achievement, you find that another horizon opens for you.”

Brian Adams wrote in his book How to Succeed:
“Each job or experience is a necessary ‘lesson in life’ from which knowledge is gained to be used in the successful completion of further aims.”

The third definition is that of Renee Harmon
who said that Success is “a painstaking process of building little success upon little success”. You consider the element of time.

“Timing is everything,” according to Dennis Waitley.
You take life little by little.

“Success is continual, John Maxwell said.
“It’s not an event but a journey, an ongoing process. Success is the positive result of steady forward movement.”

If you want to succeed, act in the direction towards success. This is the journey – the longer you work in the right direction, the closer you are to success.

First things first.. define your success.

Know your own concept of what it means to you. What is your picture of a successful life? The moment you establish your personal standard of success, that will be the journey you will take.

All in all, the whole of the matter is this:
'Success means different things to different people.'

And in memory of my loving mother,
may I dedicate this portion to her.

What success should mean to you?

Brian Adams wrote: “To one individual
it is the attainment of a vibrant personality,to another,
the establishment of a fine home and happy family life,
to someone else, the acquisition of vast wealth and power.

What signifies success to one individual
may not mean a thing to another. "If a person is
working toward a specific worthy goal that he has
picked for himself, he is a success.

A success is a person who is a carpenter, mechanic, musician,salesman, and teacher because that's the profession or occupation he really wanted
to be in and he chose for himself. A success is also the housewife and mother who wanted to be a housewife and mother and who's doing an outstanding job."

My mother is the person who chose to be
a loving mother, and, for us she has done
an outstanding job.

My memory of "Nanay" was that
by choosing to be a good mother,
she became a SUCCESS!

Being a good mother is her
lingering memories worth preserving....

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